How to find a Professional Home Stager

So you’ve decided to rent out / sell your property and would like to call upon the advice / services of a Home Stager in order to reach the property’s full market potential. Investing in a Home Stager can help you to justify asking for the best price for your property and avoid receiving low or no offers……but how do you find a qualified, professional Property Stager and what should you look for? As Home Staging is still a relatively young but growing industry in the UK, this could potentially be a bit more of a challenge than first thought…

Check for relevant accreditations and training

Professional Stagers need to have obtained the formal training necessary in order to get the job done properly, so check for evidence of this! Although Property Stagers are not Interior Designers and do not need to hold a relevant Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, they should still have undertaken and passed a recognised course in Home Staging with a professional level of certification within the Home Staging and Property Styling Industry. These courses provide indepth training providing a wide range of skills in quality Home Staging and Styling services, design software, working with clients, project management and the necessary skills required to run a business. I gained my certification (with distinction) through the highly recommended CHSSP Certified Home Staging and Styling Professional Course, details of which can be found on the website

(A full list of certified Staging courses can be found on the HSA website

Check for professional association membership(s) and reviews

Professional Home Stagers are usually members of relevant associations and receive ongoing training and industry updates. The Home Staging Association of UK and Ireland have a list of all the Professional Home Stagers that are registered with them, which can be sorted by location depending where in the country you are. This makes finding a local, qualified Home Stager simple, plus you can read reviews and find links to their websites and social media pages which usually have examples of their work. Coastal Home Styling is a registered member of the Home Staging Association. Please click the following link to access our business page HSA

Do they have a company website?

This can be helpful for viewing examples of case studies, testimonials, portfolio of works and gaining a more in depth understanding of what services the company is able to offer. Background information about the company and staff can be very informative and useful too. Websites with blog sections are often very educational and good at answering questions as well as showing the company’s knowledge and expertise in that field. The website should also display any accreditations, memberships, terms and conditions, GDPR compliance etc.

Check the range of services on offer and project lead times

Home Stagers can offer a variety of services, and not all Stagers cover all property types. For example some Stagers will work across all properties, occupied or vacant, where as others will choose to work with empty properties or new builds only. Some Stagers have their own inventory supply and some use a combination of furniture rental hire and their own soft furnishings and accessories.

The range of services on offer can also vary greatly between Stagers, from Initial Consultations and general advice to hands on help with decluttering, decorating, furniture placement and dressing the property. Some Stagers will tend to work with higher end properties whilst others are happy to assist across the board. Some Stagers work with a team of local, professional trades which can mean quicker turn around times for any works which need outsourcing and are happy to project manage, where as others do not provide this service but are happy to make recommendations. Most Staging projects require quick turn around times and this should also be discussed when making any initial enquiries.

Are they happy to chat on the phone and do you feel a connection

Selling / renting out your home can be a very big, emotional decision. Make sure that the Stager takes the time to find out the relevant information and answer any questions that they are able to when making your enquiry. You need to feel that you can build a level of trust and rapport with your Stager and have the ability to discuss any concerns / queries relating to your property that may arise. Meeting in person following an initial phone enquiry can also be very beneficial for this. Selling your home can be a stressful time and hiring the right Stager will make the process easier and faster.

Hopefully this information will provide you with some helpful pointers if you are considering using the services of a professional Home Stager…

Images below show after and before images of a Staged bathroom dressed with lifestyle accessories

As always, if we can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch, details can be found on our contact us page

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