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Staging to sell

Staging property helps to enhance its visual appeal making it more appealing to potential buyers. It showcases the home’s best features & creates a welcoming atmosphere. Investing in Staging services & professional photography prior to marketing helps the property to stand out, increases viewings, generates quicker sales & maximises on the property’s market value.

The Home Staging services we offer are flexible depending on budget, timescales & requirements.

We work with most property types from small flats to big houses & penthouses, new builds & older properties, furnished & un-furnished.

The following services are available according to property requirements:

  • Property Consultation (inc. presentation advice)

  • Staging Recommendation Report

  • Furniture & Inventory Hire packages

  • Complete Staging Services (inc. project management)

  • Dressing & Styling services for photo shoots / marketing purposes  (Professional Photography services also available)

For Property Consultations we carry out a complete inspection both internally & externally aimed at identifying areas that need addressing ahead of the property being marketed.

Consultations look at the property through the eyes of a potential buyer & focus on key elements including furniture layout, decor, maintenance & overall appeal, identifying key features & the target market for the property.

The Property Consultation helps to highlight the areas that require attention in order to maximise the property’s appeal.

Additionally, a full Staging Recommendation Report including photos, property summary & any recommendations of works can be produced which helps the seller to identify things around the property that need addressing in order to achieve it’s full sales potential.

The aim of our services is to equip vendors with the knowledge & know how to prepare their property for sale & maximise its potential. In many cases home owners are able to make the changes themselves, but we also offer Complete Staging & Dressing services for those who would prefer to leave it to the professionals!!

We offer Furniture & Inventory Hire services for dressing empty or sparsely furnished properties for marketing purposes. This can be very helpful to demonstrate the purpose & scale of rooms in a property & create a welcoming atmosphere. We usually recommend this for a 3 month period although this can be flexible.

Our Dressing & Styling services add the final but all important touches to ensure property looks its very best for photos & marketing. We can also provide Professional Photography services if required. We are happy to offer this service to all property owners.

Properties already on the market

For properties already on the market but not reaching their full sales potential, a Property Consultation can prove very beneficial. The process can highlight simple, easy fixes that could be putting potential buyers off & suggest recommendations that prove invaluable when marketing the property.

Whilst the property is undergoing any changes it is advised to temporarily remove it from the market, then reintroduce it with new photos once the changes have been implemented (the Agent may recommend revaluing the property & increasing the price).


“Staging is a marketing tool. Staging is merchandising. Staging is setting the best scene so the buyer sees the features of the house in its best light possible. A spotless, uncluttered Staged home done in appropriate colours helps the buyer visualise living there – and no one buys a home until they can see themselves living there” 

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” 

Barb Schwarz – the creator of Home Staging

A correctly priced property which has been Staged to look at its best will sell despite market conditions; in a slow market it gains buyer interest, in a buoyant market it sells quicker, often for more money.

Staged properties look better in photos, on-line & in reality than non-staged, giving them a stronger market presence & increasing buyer appeal.

Staging is a much cheaper option than a reduction on the sale price if the property isn’t selling (reductions are usually a minimum of 5% of the property’s value at any one time).

Home Staging focuses on selling the property itself & not it’s contents, by reducing the clutter & depersonalising the space.

Staging helps buyers to see a property’s potential. 80% of the population struggle to see the potential in an empty space or visualise how a space could be transformed.

Home Staging can be worked around individual budgets, timescales & requirements.

There are always costs associated with selling property, any cost associated with Home Staging should be considered as an investment.

There are many cost effective techniques that can be used to update a space & where possible Home Stagers work with the client’s existing furniture & accessories to save on costs.

Hired furniture can be used to dress empty properties at a special discounted rate.

Priorities for recommendations are made according to available budget & time, addressing key areas by order of importance.


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